STEAM Pavilion

NEW! The STEAM Pavilionwhere the wonders of the world come to life through science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics!

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Whether you’re a tech or math enthusiast, an art lover, a budding scientist, or an engineering whiz, the STEAM Pavilion will astonish and engage you. Discover cutting-edge technology, witness stunning artistic expressions, dive deep into engineering puzzles, and experience the diversity of global cultures and the marvels of human innovation.

Be sure to visit these exhibitions!

  • Experience the universe in all its awe and wonder at the XR Immersive Learning Lounge! Brought to you by the innovative minds at XR Libraries, The Hydrous, and The Meridian Treehouse, this groundbreaking exhibit melds cutting-edge technology with riveting storytelling and hard-hitting science. From the vast, starry expanse of outer space to the thrilling, unexplored depths of the sea, experience award-winning virtual reality films that will leave you spellbound.
  • Introducing the Black Wall Street Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt, a cutting-edge creation by the talented students of Burke High School's CTE program. Discover the stories of resilience, creativity, and the undying entrepreneurial spirit that led Black individuals to thrive, despite the harsh adversities of segregation and ongoing racial challenges. And, this isn't just any tour; it's a groundbreaking and interactive adventure that uses the magic of AR right before your eyes.
  • The San Jose State University’s (SJSU) groundbreaking Metaverse Project: Seeking Immortality, offers a dazzling fusion of technology and tradition, this visionary initiative aims to preserve the vibrant language and cultural treasures of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe (NCT) using the limitless possibilities of cutting-edge VR technology, harnessed to capture and perpetuate the essence of a remarkable culture. It’s an experience that will provide a living bridge to the past, ensuring that the Northern Cheyenne language and traditions continue to thrive and inspire.
  • Also, from the students of the San Jose State University, the Ukrainian Children’s Art Gallery invites you into a world where art transcends boundaries and speaks volumes about the resilience of the human spirit. This virtual gallery will demonstrate the profound impact of conflict and war on young souls. And, while it reveals a glimpse of darkness—it demonstrates the healing power of art.  
  • At the heart of the Project SANDI XR Nevada’s Workforce Development Showcase, Lifeliqe unveils cutting-edge VR job training simulations and a rich array of educational resources. Dive into 360 degree, career navigation videos and an e-learning management platform, designed to propel your learning and engagement and take you directly into the workplaces you aspire to join. From exploring the intricacies of healthcare to navigating the complexities of advanced manufacturing, IT, logistics, and skilled trades, these simulations cover Nevada's, most in-demand, career pathways.
  • XRLibraries will showcase the most captivating storytelling projects straight from the creative minds at Washington State Libraries. Prepare to be transported into rich and vivid worlds, with each story a gateway that opens the realms of possibility and where narrative meets innovation.
  • Imagine a future filled with robotic wonders that you can interact with firsthand. Robotlabs’ Roving Robots, the "ambassadors of innovation," are designed to inspire and promote STEAM education. They'll navigate the space, displaying the magic of mechanics and the power of programming through hands-on demonstrations and engaging activities. Perfect for learners of all ages, this experience promises to spark curiosity and kindle a passion for discovery.