Ali Velshi

Featured Speaker

Sunday, June 30: 11:00AM―12:00PM PT

Feature Speaker: Ali Velshi, ALA Annual San Diego, June 27 – July 2, 2024

Ali Velshi is an award-winning journalist, host of "Velshi" and Chief Correspondent for MSNBC, and a weekly economics contributor to NPR’s "Here And Now." He has covered multiple U.S. Midterm and Presidential elections and significant news stories around the globe, including extensive reporting from Israel during the war with Hamas, Ukraine and across Central and Eastern Europe during the Russian invasion, the Syrian refugee crisis from Turkey and Jordan, the Iran Nuclear Deal in Tehran, and the Greek debt crisis in Athens. He hosts the “Velshi Banned Book Club” on MSNBC, and the “Velshi Banned Book Club” podcast. Velshi is known for his immersive on-the-ground reporting and his interactive discussions with small groups, which form part of his ongoing series, "Velshi Across America." He previously worked as an anchor and correspondent for Al Jazeera America and CNN.

Velshi will discuss his new book "Small Acts of Courage: A Legacy of Endurance and the Fight for Democracy," available May 2024. Ali Velshi takes us from his grandfather’s childhood, where he was imbued with an ethos of public service and social justice, and a belief in absolute equality among all people—ideals that his children carried forward as they escaped apartheid, to their immigration to Kenya and ultimately Canada and the United States.

Velshi taps into 125 years of family history to advocate for social justice as a living, breathing experience—a way of life more than an ideology. He relates the stories of regular people who made a lasting commitment to fight for change, even when success seemed impossible. It is a heartfelt exploration of how we can breathe new life into the principles of pluralistic democracy, an urgent call to action—for progress to be possible, we must all do whatever we can to make a difference.

There will be a book signing in the Sails Pavilion immediately following the session.

Small Acts of Courage book cover by Ali Velshi


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