Booth Assignment Process

Procedures for Exhibit Space Assignments - American Library Association Annual Conference

  • 16 months prior to event
    • Site visit
    • Floor plan drawn taking the following in to consideration:
      • Maximize traffic flow - Registration, ALA Store, Internet Room, Post Office, Food Service, Special Event Areas
      • Mandatory fire aisles
      • Entrances, main cross aisles
      • Utility floor ports
      • Freight doors & docks
  • 1 Year Prior - packets distributed at event, mailed after event
  • 9 months prior - Deadline for First Round
  • 5-7 days to complete First Round

Order of Seniority

  • Corporate Member vs. Non-Member
  • Years of Participation
  • Library Champions
  • Date of Receipt
  • No Seniority Credit for:
    • Advertising or Sponsorship
    • Space Size
    • Division Events

Corporate Members assigned first, starting with highest number of points. Within the highest point category, Champions assigned first by date of receipt, then Non-Champion corporate members by date of receipt. The second-highest point category is assigned next; process is repeated following in point order down to 1 point. The process is repeated for non-members, starting with the highest number of points category, down to 1 point. Then all first time exhibitors are assigned.

When companies are purchased or merge, points will only be effected in the case of a complete merger of two organizations. In that case the higher points total will be retained by the new entity.

If you have any questions regarding space assignment procedures, please contact Paul Graller, [email protected].