Exhibitor Presentation Opportunities

Event Space Reservations Site Open

Exhibitors participating in the 2024 American Library Association Annual Conference & Exhibition may request meeting space in the ALA block of meeting rooms at the convention center and official hotels. ALA has control of all meeting space in the conference hotels. Assigned rooms are based on availability and usage fees are: 

Exhibitor 1-4 hour time slot: $600.00
Exhibitor Exclusive-Use All Day Room: $1,000.00 per day

These charges are administrative and represent a significantly reduced cost for meeting space.

These sessions can be listed in the conference program schedule, but exhibitors will be responsible for expenses and should promote sessions on their own. 

You must be a current 2024 ALA Annual exhibitor to participate.

Please review the 2024 Annual Conference Submission Information Packet before beginning your submission(s).

Click here for Submission Site
(Please note that you will need to use the “Join Now” feature for your first submission. You will need to create a new profile even if you have submitted to other conferences in the past.)

Submissions will close on February 16, 2024.

Questions? Contact Yvonne McLean, Meeting Planner at [email protected].

Exhibitor Engagement Opportunities

To further promote your authors/illustrators and organization, ALA offers contracted exhibitors the opportunity to participate in several engagement programs, most of which are located right on the exhibit floor. Each program has its own format, pricing, submission details, and deadlines. Programs will include:

  • Stage Sessions
  • Book Buzz Theater
  • Now Showing @ ALA Film Program
  • Podcast Recording Booth
  • Meet the Authors (in-booth or at Author Autographing stations)

The Exhibitor Engagement Portal will be used for submissions for the above programs. See this page for more details.  

You must be a current 2024 ALA Annual exhibitor to participate. 

Sponsor a Keynote Speaker

Submissions are now closed.

Names submitted for consideration should be authors or library experts who will be of interest to the ALA members. These names should be able to draw attendance of 1,000+. The exhibitor will bear all costs associated with the speaker’s attendance. Names submitted are sent to an ALA panel for review and recommendations. Professional or motivational speakers on generic topics are usually not considered.

Questions? Kara Stachowiak at [email protected].